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Contrary to the assertions of some, Bergonia is not an imaginary country,
but rather a very real island-continent situated in the North Atlantic Ocean.

News: The NDP and SFP announce formation of a coalition government:

57 days after the 3 June Congressional Elections, leaders of the National Democracy Party and the Socialist Freedom Party announce a power-sharing agreement that will make current Speaker Esro Kelton of the NDP the new Prime Minister. SFP leader Thelomon Acrinei will become the new Speaker. of a coalition government. read more

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See a big basic map and a list of maps.

Bergonia at a glance -- fundamental facts & figures. Also visit the site map for an index and directory of Bergonia topics.

The Land -- just over a million square miles, including a high-altitude central plateau, mountain ranges over 10,000 feet, volcanoes and geysers. The climate runs from highland cold and north coast rain, to the dry southeast, occasionally interrupted by hurricanes.
Also socialist Bergonia has a different way of planning and determining
land use.

The People -- 171,000,000 people. Big cities and 31 provinces. People of different races, speaking different languages and following different religions, form a single society-- a patchwork quilt threaded together by a common ideology of egalitarianism, civility, and a "live-and-let-live" attitude.

Government -- A slew of representative councils make decisions under the supervision of the elected Congress, President & Executive Council. Powerful local governments function, often with direct democracy. State governments can veto many decisions of the national government. Local political "clubs" federate into national parties. Given free television time, candidates get direct access to the people, liberated from the need to whore themselves for money, and free of filtering by a cynical press establishment.

The Economy -- Applied anarcho-syndicalist socialism has produced an open economy of worker-owned cooperatives, publicly-owned corporations, and a few select monopolies, with a federalized planning structure and limited markets. An enterprise's profits are shared by all its workers. Sole proprietorships (i.e. small shops & professions) are capitalism's only remnant.

Ecology -- Bergonia's most recent revolution-- the "Greening" of the 1980s & 90s-- has utterly changed the national way of life. Ecological concerns now stand at the center of all policy considerations and planning. The country is hell-bent dedicated to reducing energy use, eliminating waste, switching to renewable resources, and preserving the natural environment.

Religion -- Miradi, the indigenous religion, has simple purification rites, minimalist theology & dogma, and much prayerful meditation. Its followers seek "perfect vision," and openness to the holiness in (and beyond) all things. Here is a detailed article on the Prophet Krathnami's life and thought. 25% of the population is Christian, a legacy of European colonization. Also see material about past religions & mythologies.

History -- Including a history of modern times: Ethnic wars-- Industrialization-- chaos in the 1920's-- civil war and socialist revolution in the 30's-- choosing democracy-- finally the "Greening" in the 1980s. Plus Bergonia's Pre-Columbian history, stretching back 3,000 years.

"About us" -- the "Bergonia Association," my nom de plume.

Why this site? We can-- and must-- do better than the prevailing mega-corporate "New World Order," with its wage-slavery, war on nature, and homogenized culture. We'd better start dreaming up new alternatives now! I believe the very first act of genuine revolution is the act of imagination.

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." - Arundhati Roy

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Recent Updates:

A new coalition government. 3 Aug 06.

New: a detailed article on the Prophet Krathnami's life and thought.

New Details on Bergonian Baseball and Football. 22 July 06.

Election Coverage 5 June 06.

▪ Updated, reorganized Places -- descriptions of the various states, regions & cities. 13 April 06.

▪ Preview of the 2006 Congressional elections, plus revisions to the Politics page. 16 Mar 06.

▪ The Monster Map is loading now! 16 Nov 05.

New map of the city of Harler-Bathilicon. 15 Nov 05.

Note on drawing the Maps on this site. 26 Oct 05.

▪ New maps of the city of Cationi. 21 Oct 05.

The Flags of Bergonia

Bergonia, the land, just over a million square miles, offers a beautiful mélange of grassy plains, high altitude oak & evergreen, lofty peaks, and lush lowland subtropical forests, all wrapped in mild climate.

Bergonia, the nation, is a stable multi-party socialist democracy, and a vigilant foe of America's unrelenting efforts to impose its "liberal-democratic" mega-corporate capitalist system on the rest of the world. Paradoxically Bergonia also offers vacation repose and hospitality to thousands of Americans every year, while the two countries engage in billions worth of trade -- Americans are especially appreciative of the smooth, minimalist styling of "Berg" furniture, glassware & jewelry.

Bergonia, the ancient civilization, over 3,000 years old, is distinctive for its reverence for the written word, the male-female duality of its god, belief in spiritual pollution and purification, extreme respect for animal life, the strict system of clans, and the warrior caste of antiquity.

Modern Bergonians enjoy:

Freedom from domination by the automobile -- people do have small cars, but they also walk and take the subway or train.

"Slow" values of craftsmanship, cuisine and courtesy. Local produce markets, good fresh food & long dinners.

Obsessive recycling & other low-energy lifestyle changes. Pioneering efforts in solar, wind and biomass energy.

Modesty, propriety and etiquette in public; laughter, frankness and loyalty in private life.

Socialist limits on income coupled with income guarantees, plus free health care and college education.

Collective decision-making and fierce egalitarianism on all levels-- "bossism" is the ultimate evil. High levels of participation in politics, with boisterous demonstrations.

Positive value conceded to free time and loafing, with tolerance of free spirits & nomads. Fierce loyalty to the hometown and the hood.

Sanctioned, lawful "busting loose" at festivals, dances & political demonstrations. Lots and lots of music, with dance halls in every town & ward.

For Travelers:

U.S. Consular Service advisory on travel to Bergonia.

Bergonia's Consular Office advisory on travel to the U.S.A. by Bergonian citizens.

Check out current developments in Venezuela (Bergonia's good friend) on VHeadline!

Congratulations to Evo Morales and the MAS (Movement Toward Socialism) in Bolivia!
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