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You can find books on Utopia and utopias at Powells Books.

Bergonia My own site-- a fictional country I've contrived for the purpose of imagining the forms of radically democratic, socialist and green institutions & culture.
Islandia An idiosyncratic bucolic novel, written by Austin Tappen Wright in the 1920s, portrays the finest of imaginary lands. This remarkable invention demonstrates that the best society is the one where the human heart can blossom in peace. Wright was a prominent Boston patent attorney, but in his spare time he worked on his imaginary country (much as I have). His children discovered the manuscript of this novel after he died in a car crash in 1931, and it was published in 1942. Islandia is pastoral, artesian, pre-modern, anti-modern.  
A Modern Utopia H.G. Wells' portrayal of socialist utopia, 1909.
Alternative Histories Lukol's directory of 17 or so alternative history sites, all asking, "what if things had turned out differently." 
Visions of sustainable societies A small collection of fictions that should be fact.
Creax "An inspirational list of creativity and innovation resources."
Primitivism "Primitivism is the pursuit of ways of life running counter to the development of technology, its alienating antecedents, and the ensemble of changes wrought by both. This site is an exploration into primitivist theory, as well as various works that contribute to an understanding of the tendency."
The Global Ideas Bank This inventive British site compiles innovative ideas for improvement in society and living.
New Civilization Network a bunch of speculative stuff on far-out possibilities, some of this is interesting. Here is a particularly interesting list of links.
Consensus A method of decision-making that eschews hard-edged, divisive voting and strives to develop unanimity, originated by the Friends (Quakers). You won't find utopia here-- consensus provides its own subtle ways of suppressing the minority, but still an interesting way to make deliberate.
Changemakers.net "the site for social entrepreneurship worldwide," about individual & small programs that organize to attack poverty & development issues. Interesting links.
Anarchism a detailed discussion of the evolution of Anarchism and the various types.
Prout "the socio-economics of all-round liberation. Formulated in 1959 by Indian socio-spiritual activist thinker P.R. Sarkar.... As a socio-economic theory, Prout is not concerned solely with economics but encompasses the whole of human individual and collective existence - physical, educational, social, political, mental, cultural and spiritual - within the paradigm of integrated growth."
Los Horcones At least here people are really trying to live their vision rather than writing books and fantasies (like me). This is an earnest attempt to build Walden Two with mortar & bricks. 
Utopia2000 a premise that men and women of good will can build socialism within a capitalist world.
Exploring Dystopias an investigation of 1984, Gattica, Bladerunner & other dystopias.
The Port Huron Statement Founding statement of the Students for a Democratic Society, 1962
The Light Party A far out view of things.
Alternative Political Systems a directory of different ideas for political organization, including "panarchy" and "polyarchy"
Utopia & Utopian Philosophy a idiosyncratic view of utopia that stresses "freedom" & "knowledge." A fine collection of links.
Society of Utopian Studies Interdisciplinary academic society devoted to studying literary & experimental utopias. Publishes the journal Utopian Studies, but no articeles are posted on the site. A fine list of links.  
Social Ecology

Do you know of a web site I should list? Let me know. Please send your suggestions.