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Labor & Worker Ownership

Worker Ownership Resource Center

"WORC is a community economic development organization dedicated to empowering low-income and other economically disadvantaged people to participate more fully in their local economies through the creation of business enterprises and by shaping public policy that promotes economic justice." WORC follows "an approach to the practice of community economic development in which our processes and products reflect a specific set of values. These values are grounded in our belief in a loving God who loves all people, wants to see them realize their fullest potential, and has a special concern for the poorest and most marginal. The values we espouse are...economic democracy and justice that increasingly expands the equitable participation of people and communities in the basic necessities and decision-making processes to sustain meaningful life [and] Community and collective empowerment, and solidarity of all peoples, which result in economic decisions that are more accountable to the common good and benefit the community as a whole."

The Worker Ownership Institute

"The Worker-Ownership Institute (WOI) serves as a forum in which management and labor from employee-owned companies, and ESOPs, come together to discuss their triumphs and failures, and to learn from each other. WOI is jointly sponsored by the United Steelworkers of America (USWA) and the management of member companies which are partly or wholly employee-owned and employ members of the AFL-CIO-CLC, or other unions."

Russian Union of Peoples Enterprises

The Russian Union of Peoples Enterprises (RUPE) is a nonprofit organization uniting commercial organizations of firms with more than 50 employees, holding on its purposes and tasks. The greater part of its membership consists of employee-owned businesses created by the transformation of open joint-stock companies in accordance with Federal law. RUPE was created in May 1999. The main goal of the RUPE, as stated in its Charter, is the fostering of favorable economic and legal conditions for the development and effective functioning of worker-owned businesses. It also acts as an advocacy group for employee ownership to the executive and legislative bodies of authority of Russian Federation.

Left Economic Policy Links A page off the web site of Democratic Socialists of America with a list of links to pages about economics policy, including worker-ownership.

The Kelso Institute advocates of something called "democratic capitalism," with worker ownership.

Hulogosi Press a small press in Eugene Oregon with two practical books on the "how to" aspect of worker-owned business (plus books on the Grateful Dead).

UC Berkeley a list of books on workers ownership and links to organizations advocating workers ownership. Part of the big research site of the Institute of Industrial Relations.

Labor Links

Labor Notes "the voice of activists who want to put the movement back into the labor movement through rank & file democracy." Provides news stories on labor subjects. Publishes Labor Notes magazine, plus books.

Union Web Ring This web ring features "trade union/syndicalist/labour web pages, indvidual trade unionist/syndicalist/labour activist personal pages, progressive organizations and individuals who focus on workers rights/workplace issues, labour lawyers, labour historians, labour related industrial relations sites, occupational health and safety, affirmative action in the workplace sites."

Labor Art & Mural Project A New Jersey group that "organizes cultural activites that support union and working class struggles for social and economic justice nationally and internationally."

The Foundation for Enterprise Development A non-profit organization which promotes worker share ownership, and offer information on equity compensation and employee ownership of corporations.

The Unfinished Revolution-- Radical Trade Unionism & Political Action in South Tynsdale 1970-75.

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